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RALI Oregon kicks off 2021 by welcoming three new partners

Returning Veterans Project, The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, and Beaverton Together joined as official Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Oregon partners. RALI works with communities across Oregon that are working to address the opioid crisis including employers, veterans, children, rural residents, health care providers, law enforcement and others. RALI works with partners at the community level to promote safe drug disposal and education, reminding families and individuals to scan their own homes to ensure medications are always securely stored and that unused medicines are disposed of safely.

Returning Veterans Project (RVP) supports the healing and health of veterans and military communities by connecting post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members, and their military families with free, confidential mental and physical health services. RVP has removed the barriers to mental and physical health services so that those they serve can have free, confidential access to needed care.

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association represents 1800 grassroots members and natural resource partners across the state. The organization works with its members and partners to advance the economic, political, and social interests of the Oregon Cattle industry. They work to educate the public and elected leaders about the importance of the cattle industry to our state economy.

Beaverton Together is a volunteer run, nonprofit, community drug prevention coalition founded in 1990 as part of the Oregon Together initiative to support the development of community-based coalitions that prevent youth substance abuse. Beaverton Together is committed to preventing misuse by bringing together partners to build and maintain prevention programs. Coalition partners represent the community and work together to promote safe and drug-free lifestyles.

RALI Oregon has partnered with nearly two dozen community organizations to raise awareness, share resources and educate the public about the opioid crisis.

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